Abortion Reflection

When I look at each of our children and I reflect on them in their mother’s womb from their conception, formation, and delivery, there was unmistakably the totality of a person, each one a masterpiece that vulnerably came the way we all come (if not murdered). I used the word murdered because no matter how you slice it that is the intense reality embodied in the action taken in abortion.

Of course one can use deceptive language and happier euphemisms as to avoid the reality of the facts (years ago this would have been speculation but now it is by ignorance or by willful ignorance). This fake-happy “choice”-talk grew into a philosophy that still mutates which (ironically) is allowed to originate by a human and then be entertained and given possibility in the mind of a human who by the same processes were brought into existence… and then that human is given the opportunity to become all that was there to begin with… a person with a voice. Then the horrific philosophy (detached from personal responsibility) stood on declared freedoms to make rationalizations about so called rights to justify the thing all humanity fears and hates, which is death. And the result is death is carried out when one feels decided, backed in a corner, or conveniently bothered. The fake-choice-talk is furthered for political banter while Usually proclaimed and championed by a political party who favors humanitarian causes (often under borrowed half versions of Christianity’s concepts of justice) in their speech but denies it fundamentally in the practice of their actions (this is not a pure unqualified shout out to the Right either).

This to me is one of the most absurd tragedies of our present age. Sadly it is also a fundamental apologetic for the Christian scriptures description of humanity’s alienation from the living God.

This is not to damn the individuals (who suffer greatly) but to criticize a philosophy of opportunity for death legalized by our advanced society.

#abortionhurtsall #lifeisvaluable

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